One of the most beautiful sensations I ever experienced in life is conveying a message -a very important message – to an audience and feeling that the people in the audience understood and re-wired their brains around a new idea, a new belief, that will very probably be an important breakthrough in their lives.

That is exactly what I felt on the 18th of April 2015 right when I finished my first TED Talk, and it’s been happening ever since where I have had the honor to speak – to the most beautiful people in the world.

I’m the co-founder of Vencer Autismo, an ONG that has directly helped 60,000 people that have been touched by my lectures, in which I share with passion the lessons that life and especially autism have taught me. I am on a love mission to maximize positive social impact, teaching the world what we can learn from those who are different from us. I am also a mentor and member of the board of other social impact initiatives in Portugal, Spain and the USA.

I’m best known for public speaking, communicating, inspiring and empowering ever-lasting positive change, helping people to question their limiting beliefs and spreading love & igniting acceptance so they can create change in their homes, in their schools, in their communities.

My biggest achievement has been developing Vencer Autismo to become one of the leading go-to sources of accessible information to deal with autism and related challenges having spoken to over 60.000 people live and counting.

Another crowning achievement was helping my autistic step-daughter (Caui) overcome her challenges by leading a team of volunteers to work with her 32h per week during several years and become totally autonomous. Many other children followed.

I feel so fortunate and so humbled with all the opportunities that life throws at me.  Also for you reading this page.

Love, Smiles and…

Gratitude in capital letters,