These days, I divide my time between my Family, Vencer Autismo, Projects & Partnerships and Speaking & Events.

Most of my work is related to these ideas:

To Love is to Accept unconditionally

The best thing that happened in my life is having a step-daughter on the autism spectrum.  I have learned heart-warming, life changing lessons that apply to our every day challenges in our professional and in our private life: The power of being present, the liberation of non-judging, the discovery of doing what we are truly passionate about, the gift of loving in capital letters.

Social Entrepreneurship is becoming trendier every day

I am very grateful for having had the chance to work in the telecommunication headquarters of the multinational Siemens, I learnt valuable lessons whilst creating several companies in different countries from scratch and I dropped all for-profit activities to embrace exclusively projects that have a positive social impact on the world.  There is rising interest in extending corporations’ objectives from the bottom line focus (financial), to the triple/ quadruple bottom line (financial, social, environmental, /purpose).  I feel compelled to share the learnings and advances in this field to inspire more people and corporations to prioritise the greater good together with financial objectives.

Every person is gifted.  Every person in unique.

We need to change the way we are educating in schools and universities to embrace creativity and the personal motivations and talents of students. Instead of feeding information that is accessible on the internet, we need to guide students to discover their element (where their passion meets their talent(s)), from there on they will only need some guidance from the tutor/mentor for them to find their way to add value to society whilst being happy.

Change happens from within us

The world is defined by our own and unique point of view.  This is the only real world.  Thus the only formula to create enduring change is by accepting (loving) ourselves as the base for action.  It seems contradictory but it is not.  It works.

Other lovely topics I like to share and speak about:

  • The universe is Love
  • Measuring and enhancing social impact
  • Questioning Limiting Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Communication

I’m currently working on several projects to achieve positive social impact. Visit Vencer Autismo, Projects & Partnerships and Speaking & Events for more detailed information.